I'm loving minerals!

Yeah, I've started to try a new type of make-up after being introduced by my beloved cyber friend mamafiza. So here are the items from my first order from Loving Minerals.com

I've got myself the sample foundations just to try out the right colour for me, blusher, lip gloss and eye shadows. I really love the foundation and powder. And the eye colors are great. Along with these I also got a long kabuki brush for the foundation and powder.

In order to learn the right way to wear the makeup, I've downloaded some videos from youtube. If you want to try, make sure you watch some of the videos so that you'll get the perfect makeup for your face.

Another blog that I've fallen in love with is womenstuff. This is a good blog to learn about the current makeup trend, how to wear makeup, and the links are also very useful. I'm not sure why I am into make up these few days. Maybe I realised the importance of being fresh and always looking good. It is important no matter what age we are at. Like the tag in womenstuff, 'There are no ugly women, just lazy ones."

Besides that I'm still looking for the perfect skincare. Since being in the 30s my face condition has changed. Even though U never have any major problems with my face, I think I should change to something that can offer anti-aging solution while maintaining to look younger. Whether I should go back to Mary Kay like I've used once before, or try something else. My boss suggest to try Herbaline. Actually I've tried Malaysian product 'Tia Amelia' but I feel that my skin has become drier. At this age I think the most important thing is the right moisturizer. It is the right time to change and stick to a skincare that really work for my face.


beautifulLIFE said...

salam aziera, how r u...sibuk gardening huh skrang?i baru balik langkawi, w/shop.wow..mineral makeups is a thing now...mcmana l:oving mineral ok tak?i like light make ups v much laa...hehehe...bestnya u nnt join HS kat kuantan, i takde chance lagi nak join classes at KL!ader ajer commitment lain!i hope i hv the chance nnt.

hopw to hear from u soon!takecare!

Aziera Yazid said...

My garden? Oklah. Bila ada mood baru jenguk hehe.
Loving minerals is good. I like it especiallt the eye shadows and blushers. Very suitable for light makeups.
I haven't got enough members to join the HS session in Kuantan. Maybe kalau jadi ada kat sini, I will join and tell u about it.
Have a nice weekend ye!