Upgrading plan

Since my boss has put my link in his blog (thanks my COO), I think I should update & upgrade my blog. Since he has too many fans, it will be a shame if, someday, out of a blue somebody would click on my name and not seeing a good blog. Actually I started blogging to be anonymous, so I can write whatever I like. So I guess I have to 'filter' my post since a lot of people knows who I am now. :)
So, what I should do is to post more often. Add in some new templates. And find more interesting topics to blog about. It nice to read some blogs which tell about certain interest such as photography, baking, certain product, etc. I should have pick an interesting part of my every life to blog about but I still couldn't stick to 1 topic since a lot of things are going on in my life. I guess I'll write what I have in mind when I'm feel like writing. I guess that's just what blog is all about, right?
Other than that, I'm planning to have another blog just for my kids, Afrina and Afiq. But may be this one in Malay. I see a lot of people do this. They put pictures, videos, dialogues with their kids to public. But there are some people who see this as a security issue. With a lot of kidnapping cases, it will be dangerous to let others know the face of our kids, know where we live, places we always hang out. However blog may be the right place to put all the photos and videos of our kids in our handphones and hard disks as a back up. It can also save all the things in order. We can see how they grow up and be more intelligent day by day. So it's actually our own preference. Facebook is another way to share photos and videos.

Well, I should stop now. Finishing my post and later...find a new and nice template for upgrading.