Collecting names for Malaysia Tour: Homeschool “Chatter” Moment

I'm so excited that mamafiza is expanding her Homeschooling journey to other states. How I wish she can make her way to Kuantan. I've already booked a place with her for Kuantan session, all I have to do is to collect at least 19 other names to participate.

This morning I've already send some emails to my colleagues and friends. Hopefully I will get the numbers so that mamafiza will be able to have ker Homeschool Chatter Moment here in Kuantan. If we can have her here in Kolej Shahputra, that will be very delightful!

Am I going to homeschool my kids? Well right now I have no plan to do that yet. I still have a lot of commitments that will not be able for me to quit my job. I also don't have as much knowledge and spirit as mamafiza. So, why do I want to go to this session with her?

Hmm...I am looking forward to meet her. I would like to know her experience. I would like to learn how she handle, and educate her kids. Having 2 kids is already too much to handle for me. But she has 4 kids! Wow. And I love the way she put all different elements in educating her kids. Good environment, healthy food, religious acts and advice, languages, social activities and all other stuff. And I know I will learn a lot from her cause she is so generous to share her knowldege with other mommies.

So if you are around Kuantan area, and would like to join her session, please contact me, or contact mamafiza directly. Let's bring a good educator to Kuantan!


Mama Safiyyah said...

kak, perhaps you can contact my sis....she's staying in bukit ubi...and she's a housewife......she teaches her children for their exams...perhaps you can get her interested

her number is 0124250223 (niza)