I do not exclusively breastfeed anymore :(

Actually i should write about this about 2 months ago when I no longer exclusively breastfeed my little boy. The supply for his EBM at the nursery has dropped and I have to top up his feeding with formula. But Alhamdulillah he still breastfeed when we're at home.
Right now I no longer do my 3-times-pumping-sessions in the office. Sometimes I did only once and some other days none. Sometimes I feel like I'm released from attaching to my Spectra 3 pump, but a part of me still regretting that I have to let go the routines this early. My target was to exclusive breastfeed him until he is 2 years old. I guess, next baby then. For the time being, I'll continue to pump at least once in the office just to maintain the supply for him until he decides to stop. Maybe when he's at 3 or 4. But I will not push to stop him at 2. Besides, reading the post at motherwear today that Mothers should breastfeed their babies for the benefits of breastfeeding, not because for themselves. I feel that I've fall into the situation when I feel that since my supply has dropped, I should just let my son learn to drink formula. I feel that I haven't given enough effort to continue giving him only breast milk. Insya-Allah I will try harder for my next child. Even if I do not know when I'll start to be ready for another one.
My pumping days goes a long way. From a small size pump to a bigger one. From a cheap one to a more expensive one. The theory is to invest into a good branded pump and it was worth it. I've used Medela Mini-E and currently using Spectra 3. I'm putting my eyes on Medela PIS for my next project. So better start to include this in my budget for next stork delivery.
A lot of problems also happened during my pumping days where I've to let go a lot of defrost EBM due to the technical fault with my refrigerator. I've been challenged to manage my pumping sessions during my outstation to 2-weeks training sessions in Kelantan schools. At that time I have problems with my Medela pump and has to learn to pump with my hands. Thanks to the supportive people from SusuIbu.com and Ms Rita from momslittleones.com , I've faced my obstacles and challenges effectively.
Now I feel proud when I met mothers pumping in the office's surau. I was the first person to do that before this. With a lot of comments and enquiries I have to answer during my pumping sessions in the surau, somehow I've encouraged a few mothers to reserve their BM by pumping at work. Alhamdulillah.