Getting back to my gardening

I'm so happy today cause after 1 month struggling to finish up all the assignments given to me, today I am free to get back to doing everything that I enjoy to do. Besides continuing with Herbalife, I've been waiting for the free time to take care of my pots and plants.
Here is the side of my house where I arranged my pots. Actually my parents helped with the sunshade just to cool my plants from direct sunlight.

A swing for my kids, especially for Afrina, bought from Ikea, hanged by my father.

Ok, this orchid (I don't know the type) is first time blooming in my garden. Actually it was given by my mom-in-law. She is an orchids fan. I've been taking care of some of her orchid collections for nearly a year, and now the flower is starting to come out.

I have some fruits tree also. This mango tree is planted in front of my house. Since it has been raining lately, the tree is growing very well.

We have another mango tree outside our fence, just starting to grow.

We have also a big 'cili padi' tree. Since I'm not so much fan of hot and spicy food, we always give the chillies to friends at work, and bring back to our parents. Actually we have 'kacang botol' trees also at our back fence, but today I took it all down coz the small white bugs are destroying the tree. Hopefully it will grow back later. For the chillies tree, I have to spray some garlic juice everyday to keep the bugs away.

So today I managed to put fertilizer on all my pots and orchids. I enjoy doing this, but stopped spending money on pots and new plants coz I think we have had enough plants for the house. Maybe I should invest to build 'Edible Garden' in my home like what I saw Datin Jeanne did it Putrajaya in the paper today.

Hopefully when we have enough money to renovate the house, we can build pergola at the side for my hanging pots, and build pots rack, and maybe a little pool with fishes...hmmm...better update my wishlist.


beautifulLIFE said...

bagus bagus menanam2 nih..tgk edible garden Datin Jeane kat tv mmg besar and best aaa...mcm pokok&herba ada...keep planting!!!