Our faces in Metro!

So excited today cos somebody pointed put that our face is in today's Metro. Not just my face, my entire family. This is the picture that they put in the Metro.
Our whole family is there, me, my beloved husband, Afrina and Afiq, and the rest of Shahputra SUKOB team. Actually this picture was taken after the price-giving ceremony of the UiTM Inter College Tournament. Shahputra has become the Champion!

So among all other picture, this picture was chosen to be pubslished in the Metro. So excited!

Just that, I don't really like the picture coz the TShirt is making me looked fat. I was wearing my husband's coz I did not bring any Shahputra TShirt to KL that day - actually, I don't have any College Tshirt pun :( That's why he has to wear the black Tshirt. Actually we were supposed to wear all yellow Tshirt that night.

Anyway, it's good to be in the winner side. Even though I got a lot of comments from my former office friends who were one of the competitors in the Tournament, I realized that all comments are just because of jealousy and envy hehehe

Shahputra Juara!!!