My Brother's engagement ceremony

My 4th brother got engaged last Sunday, 8 March 2009. We call him Erry, well his real name is Ariff Aswad. His fiance's name is Ina.(Not sure the real name).

I'm actually the eldest from 7 siblings. Me and my younger brother already married and got 2 pairs of kids each. My 3rd brother is still single and available hehe...
So here are some pictures from the engagement ceremony.

So here are some pictures from the ceremony. As usual, I have to control my kids during the discussion part as they were trying to scream and running around. Finally, my husband took them to stay in the car.

The food was very nice and delicious. There were sup tulang, ikan semilang masak cili, telur itik masak lemak, some vegetables, fruits, ulams and kuih bakar. Everybody liked the dishes, and there are a lot of people during the lunch time.

And here are some pictures of me, husband and kids. Not manage to get more pictures, but overall very happy with the ceremony and very happy for my brother.