I need to retire my part-time job

I've been struggling to finish up a lot of assignments during this month. Not mine, though. I'm helping some people to finish up their degrees, by doing assignments for them. In return, they'll pay me for the number of assignments that I do for them.

I've targeted to finish everything by end of February. It turned out that after I've finish most of it, more people are contacting me for more copies of assignments. It turns out that I have to do more than 10 assignments for this semester. Can you believe it?

No need for me to tell which University and who are the people involved. What pushed me to post here is their attitude with the assignments. Here are some of the reasons why they ask me to do for them.

1. Not enough time
2. Cannot answer the hard questions
3. Malas nak fikir, nak struggle only for exams and finals.

And when I try to reject, guess what are some of the remarks they made:
1. So easy one...Why you don't want to do it? (Why didn' u do it yourself if it is easy?)
2. Please do it for me, got 2 more weeks to finish. Still got a lot of time. I cannot do it myself, not enough time (Duhhh...)

And when i try to put some price to these late comers, this is their comments:
Why so expensive? i can provide paper and binding. (With total less than RM10?- Come on..why you're trying to find me at last minute?)

Then,after I agree to take just one more, someone send me sms.

Mr A :Can I give ur number to my fren? He want u to do assignment for him too.
Me : cannot take anymore
Mr A : What reason i should give to my friend? Kesian dia.
Me : Up to you.
Mr A : I ckp u nak jaga anak ye.
Me : ???!!!! (whatever)

I'm retyring for next semester (hopefully).


Mummy Alya said...

Yer ker nak retyring 4 next semester...ada jer lagi kena buat assignment..ni ada lagi 2 menunggu..nk buat tak?hehe..duhhh