I got comments on my Blog!

This morning I was just about to put in this quote in the blog:-

I have found the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it.
Harry S Truman
33rd president of US (1884 - 1972)
Then I realized I got comments on my entry! This is a surprise for me because I never expected anyone would be reading my blog.
I guess from now on I really have to update so I would attract more reader to read my stories. I really admire mamafiza's blog on how she updates everyday with knowledgeable information and stories. It's like, you can skip all the research and readings just by reading her blogs. Well it is not a good way of learning but for a busy person like me, I guess this way is acceptable. And she always give quick feedbacks on any of your questions like my Macaroni and Cheese :)
So between arranging things in my new house, being a full-time employee, doing some part-time assignments, taking care of the my 2 active kids, and being a dedicated wife to my lovely husband, I have to spare some time to write about all of it in my blog.


Mommy Aidan said...

Aziera.. i just realized you have a blog.. huuh! Yes i agree with you, you should updates ur blog more often..
btw this is me Azliana..hahaha also known as mommy aidan, Dot, etc etc.. i nie ada split personality..