My New Addiction

Ok, this is my new addiction since we moved to our new home. And these pictures really show it. My new hobby is gardening. I'm addicted to buy new pots, plants and soils. Thanks to my family they contributed some of the plants for me; my mother-in-law and my mom in Bukit Beruntung.
The orchids were given by my MIL. Even though I'm still waiting when the flowers going to show up, it is nice to have so many of them. My mom also gave me a pot to put some fish in it. After killing about 6 sets of guppies ad about 3 times trips to the fish shop, I got 3 'ikan kap' from my father recently. I'll show the picture of the fishes later.




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en_me said...

wah, rajin susun bunga orkid laar..