My Breastfeeding Experience

I haven't mentioned about my exclusive breastfeeding to my son, Afiq since he was born until now. I didn't have the opportunity to exclusive breastfed Afrina because lack of knowledge and experience. But with Afiq, I hope to breastfeed him until he is 2 years old. I have to stop breastfeeding Afrina when she was about 1 year old, since I was pregnant with Afiq. It was too late to implement tandem nursing since she was formula fed from 2-days old.
I realized that without proper exposure to the benefits of breastfeeding , we tend to get influenced by others to include formula milk in our baby's mealtime. Especially for career woman. I knew before that breastmilk is the best milk for babies, but to exclusively breastfeed our baby, I thought it was impossible. And of course I was wrong. And so does others.
So, with my knowledge and experience, I hope to spread the words to as many mothers and mother-to-be, to breastfeed their children. It is not impossible. Of course, there are many challenges but if your will is strong, you'll find the way. And there are many support groups to help you if you have problems to breast feed your baby. One of my favorite is Just try it and you'll know the difference. Especially if you have had experience with formula-only-baby or breastmilk-and-formula-baby. With the breastfeeding week coming in August 2008, I'm hoping more modern-mothers will try to breastfeed their babies.
In the future I will include breastfeeding tips and my experience to breastfeed Afiq