Al-Fatihah for my late father in law

Last weekend we stopped by my late father-in-law's grave in Jerantut, on our way back to Bukit Beruntung. My husband recite Yasin but I have to stay in the car since both our children are sleeping.
While waiting for my husband I realized that it is a disadvantage for me not having enough time to get to know him. I have only been his daughter-in-law for about 1 and a half year before he passed away. I was only about 4 months pregnant with Afrina at that time. I remembered when we last saw him, it was in Kluang, Johor on 4th January 2005.We were there when we awakened by our sister to inform us that he has already gone.
I guess it is true that only those who have lost one of their parents, to really feel how painful it is. I couldn't imagine if that will happen to me someday. All I can do is pray to Allah so that I could be with my parents and all the people I love, a little bit longer.
I remembered what George in Grey's Anatomy said when he lost his father, "I couldn't imagine being in the world where my father isn't".
Al-Fatihah to all my family who have passed away.