What I hate

I hate it when:-

1. People complaints about an error in the system where I've updated before. I didn't know when is the last time they logged in to the system and found the error but mentioned to me after I've fixed it. So, I've to check again to make sure the error is not happening again, and of course, as I've known it, it's already been fixed.

2. People looks at me with my kids with a look that says,"She couldn't handle her children. She shouldn't have both of them is a very short gap. Well, YES they are only 1 and a half year apart but I can manage them just fine. Maybe sometimes they will be fussy at the same time, but NOT all the time. Other people just don't know what are the advantages and miracles they bring with them being born so close. *I love you very much Afrina and Afiq.

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