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This morning I have to brief a few staff to assist new students to key-in PTPTN online applications. Even though nobody accessed the system before, we still need to use it as early as we can. The system can only be accessed starting today, by all the student in Malaysia. Now you can imagine how slow the connections will be!

I should have taken medical leave today because yesterday I got a very painful headache because of my flu. However since I have to make sure this morning runs smoothly, I still have come to work. Well, today wasn't so bad but I still got my flu. More over I should have come to work today because my friend is cooking "Laksa Lemak" for me for lunch..hmmm...BTW today is Friday, and we'll have longer lunch hour. We always like it is a waste to take leave today because this is the only time we can have a girls' day out. Even though it is only for 2 hours.

Well I better stop now to check out the status of filling in the online forms. Cant' wait for lunch.

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