Our fantastic weekend in Club Med Cherating

Thanks to Herbalife, me and family has been able to enjoy a wonderful weekend in CLub Med Cherating. It is a vacation that we may not be able to afford by ourself, but being a Herbalife distributor has helped us to reach the place.

It is a wonderful experience, where no words can describe unless you were there. It's like we are in another different country, not in Malaysia. We had a marvelous experience from welcome by the GOs of the Club, until the time we left the Club.

Well, if you may not know this GO are the staff of the Club who did all the work. They are the lifeguards, receptions, entertainers, instructors, bar attendance, and all the work you can think of. I heard there are about 100 of them, and majority are foreigners. And of course, there are G3s which most of them are from local people, who are the cleaners, waiters, technicians, kitchen helpers and etc. The level of staff are so obvious. But the work ethics and their professional levels are so admirable. Like I said, I don't think that there's another place in Malaysia where you can see how professional these people can be. I can only see this outside of Malaysia.

If you have the money or the opportunity, I would suggest that you grab the chance and go there for at least once in your lifetime. You don't have to spend your money on Air tickets, where you can have the same overseas experience locally. It was so convenient for us since it is so near to Kuantan, our home.

In the Club, you'll experience wonderful food from local to all other food from other countries like Western, Korean, and Japan. There are a lot to choose from.

You'll also be able to join all the activities arranged around the Club like Archery, Yoga, Sports activities, gym activities, spa etc. Your kids will also have their own facilities and activities according to their age.

The scenery is of course, so beautiful. You'll be located in the village inside the Rainforest scenery, but the beach is just next to you. It was the 'Big Wave' weekend, so we were adviced not to go near the water. But there is a nearby beach, which you can go by the train provided, if you'ld like to enjoy beach experience. This is the one activity where we weren't able to fit in our schedule. However, since our home is quite near to the beach, it's not a big miss.

Here are the list of activities we had in the Club according to sequence:-

22 October 2010
Arrived in Club Med. Since we had register our car number, we had been able to get in the Club. The security was so high and we realized that everybody is talking in English, including the local Guards.
- Checked in to our room
- Welcome speech by Dato' Ronnie Tan
- Free drinks provided for snacks
- Kids went to the pool at 6pm

7:30 -9pm
- Had dinner with Stella, her sister and her friend

- Special performance in the Theater

- Special event at the bar
- Activities for the Mini Club (the kid)

23 October 2010
- Breakfast

- Amazing Race activities for Herbalife members but we did not join.
- Went around the club- beach, gym, pool


- stayed at room to take nap

-pool (again)

- dinner

- fashion show by HL members
- Special acrobatics performance by GOs

- Party at the bar

23 October
- breakfast

-photo session
-went to the room to finish up packing

10:30 am
- check out
- bought some souvenir at the Club's Merchandise Store

- Lunch

-Took some more pictures
-Watch the bus group to leave club
- Left athe club with wonderful memories.

For more pictures, please go to my Facebook page.