Note to self - things to do

1. Find good recipes for my kids - both of them are picky eaters
2. Explore decoupage - goo for decorations, recycle and can make money too.
3. Learn cake baking and decorating
4. Learn to sew - at least baju kurung for Afrina
5. Reorganize my pots and plants
6. Redecorate my living hall
7. Start a small business - 1st step, register Company Name
8. Continue for masters Degree

What else? A lot of things to do, to explore and to learn. When will I have enough time and money to explore all of them? Which one should I start first?

My office's ' Things to do list'? Believe me it's a lot longer than this.


beautifulLIFE said...

hi..lama la tak baca ur blog. eh since u cari recipe for the kids..boleh share ngan i tak since my just turn 1yer old gurl quit picky gak la...kekadang kena paksa makan!nyway, like ur new blog appearance!nice..i dari dulu tak reti nak tukar header blog nih.hope to hear from u soon!