Our Outing Day

Yesterday was our outing day! We started quite late since our kids woke up only at 9am in the morning. Me and my husband actually planned to go to Pasar Tani very early in the morning. I thought at 9am my husband would cancel our plan. However after I finished given bath to Afiq and Afrina at about 9:30 he asked to prepare to go to the Pasar Tani. So I packed up Afrina milk supplies, a few cloth and diapers.And we went out about at about 10am.
When we arrived there it was almost 10:30pm. After my husband parked, which is quite far from the market, we walked along the stalls. We ended up buying rambutan, mata kucing. I bought ikan patin, some vegetables and tempoyak(hmmm). The weather was hot but Afiq stayed so clam in my sling. Afrina, as usual, with so much of her creativity, demands attentions from my husband. Finally we left there at about 11.30am.
Then, we went straight to Megamall. We had our brunch and we looked for the children's cloth for Raya. We went to F.O.S. where my husband bought 2 pieces of shirts. Meanwhile Afrina already asleep in the stroller. Afiq was crying because he was sleepy, so I have to ask to girl at the store to breastfeed him in the Fitting Room. We left the store with both our children sleeping, Afrina on the stroller and Afiq in the sling.
Then we went down to Parkson Grand, and again my husband got himself a new bottle of Hugo perfume. Before that he was waiting for me with my sleeping children in the guest corner, while I'm looking for the kid's cloth.We left Megamall at about 4pm.
I thought we were heading home, but my hungry husband took us to Pantai Gelora instead. We had a nice plate of Nasi Goreng and bought a few karipap, the speacialties of Taman Gelora. Afrina had some fun playing in the playground. After I insisted her that we would take her to the beach , then only she agreed to go.
Instead of going back home, my husband took us to Pantai Sepat where Afrina had fun at the beach.Luckily I brought extra piece of cloth for her so she could play in the water. We should have come back and brought her swimsuit in the future. When my family come from KL I will bring them here so we can have a nice picnic.
We arrived home at about 7pm and both our children was sleeping exhausted. Too bad I cannot get a lot of pictures on our day out because the camera was out of battery :(

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